Transorm your practice with wearable technology

Medtech Healthcare has introduced 2 innovative devices to better manage your hypertensive patients and generate a new revenue stream for your practice!

  • The BPro watch for 24-hour ambulatory BP measurement
  • The CASPro in-clinic device for central aortic BP measurement.

Use of the BPro watch

The use of ambulatory BP measurement is expected to grow – you are probably already aware of the latest recommendations from the National Heart Foundation “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertension in Adults – 2016”.  Here is one of the key recommendations:

Methods of blood pressure measurement Grade of recommendation
If clinic blood pressure is > 140/90 mmHg, or hypertension is suspected,
ambulatory and/or home monitoring should be offered to confirm the blood pressure level.

With the BPro watch, your clinic can issue the watch to patients for 24 hour BP monitoring. The patient returns the watch to your clinic and the results, including a comprehensive report, are available immediately. And the clinic charges the patient directly. Much better than sending the patient to the pathology provider and waiting for the results to eventually arrive. And your clinic earns the revenue instead of the pathology provider  (there is no MBS reimbursement for ABPM). For the patient, the BPro watch is much more comfortable than the old cuff technology.

Use of the CASPro device

This all-in-one screening device is suitable for assessing the stiffness of arterial tree non-invasively, quickly (5 minutes) and conveniently, with the possibility of an MBS reimbursement. No need to send the patient off to hospital, the results are available immediately and it’s a new revenue stream for your clinic.

Our Offer to You

MedTech provides and maintains the devices free of charge. The clinic uses the devices and bills the patient or Medicare and then shares the revenue with Medtech. NO up-front payment needed!

So, the details of the offer are:

  • Devices provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • Start-up Training FREE OF CHARGE
  • Replacement devices provided FREE OF CHARGE
  • Clinically relevant results
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Fast testing
  • Easy-to-operate
  • MBS reimbursement applies (to Central Arterial Pressure testing)
  • Pay-per-use –  only pay when the clinic gets paid

This is an opportunity for your clinic to expand the range of services to your patients PLUS add a new re venue stream. All with the latest convenient technology.

Call Medtech Healthcare  on 03 9690 8666 to discuss how we can set up this great new service in your clinic.