Tips and Tricks – Extra powerful features

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Extra powerful features on Outbox document with ‘TEXT’ format option (Not available on Word format)

Advantages of using TEXT format

  • No MS word installation is required.
  • Faster as no external integrations MS office required.
  • Bunch of internal easy word drafting features

How to configure a document template as ‘TEXT’ format.

tt text format1

If the document format is Word, the majority of the window (features) will be a grey colour and a Word button will be enabled in the bottom right corner to just use the word features.

Below explaining the features for TEXT format.

tt text format2

  • The Go Dot button can be used to navigate through the document to the position where three Dots have been placed. This button is only useful if the template has been created using three Dot  in the Medtech Evolution setup.
  • Patient  details such as latest Consultation,Medications, Classifications, MedicalWarnings, Measurements, Immunisations, Recalls or Alerts can be inserted to document easily by clicking the  Wizard button and select Wizard.
  • To spell check the document  lick on Spell Check. The Spell Check window will be displayed. Medtech have inbuilt English and Medical dictionaries for supporting the spell check.

tt text format3