Security Awareness

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Every year we continue to see a growing trend of security vulnerabilities, causing businesses millions of dollars in damages, downtime, and financial risk. Unfortunately, we in New Zealand are not immune to this effect.

At Medtech, we take IT security very seriously and hold ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) certification. We continue to work closely with our technology partners to ensure our Cloud service continues to have a robust security plan, which covers up-to-date virus checks, robust security policies, and industry best practices. As part of our continued investment to provide a high level secure and safe Cloud service to our customers, we are currently engaged with an independent auditor to complete our ISMS recertification.

When it comes to security and being safe online, everyone has their part to play. Key areas where you and your users should be vigilant on a day to day basis and protect your data and operations should cover, but not limited to the following actions:

  • Ensure all machines have the latest anti-virus protection installed
  • Use only company approved laptops and other devices
  • Keep up-to-date versions and patches of Windows OS, Adobe Flash & Reader, Java and web browsers
  • Maintain a regular off-line backup of your important data
  • Be cautious when you receive emails requesting urgent or confidential action
  • Use strong passwords and do not use the same password for business use and Internet web sites
  • Do not leave your computer unlocked – Anyone could sit at your computer and gain access to confidential medical information
  • Never plug an unknown USB drive into your computer

There are some great resources online, we highly recommend you take some time to review