New Medtech Kiosk Introductory Offer

Have you thought about having a kiosk for your practice?
Our new, improved hardware and software will increase your practice efficiency and streamline your patient flow management.

Having a kiosk in your practice:

  • Is a quick, easy and intuitive way to check-in patients for appointments
  • Frees up front desk time for practice and patient check-out management tasks
  • Eliminates double handling of patient data and reduces database errors
  • Allows the patient to control their personal information
  • Gives them the ability to survey patients on check-in
  • Provides multilingual capabilities

What can patients do on the kiosk?

  • Self-check-in by swiping their Medicare Card
  • Shows them their personal and emergency contact details and allows for updates
  • Can print an appointment slip
    Request a demonstration or contact us at or phone 1800 148 165 and we can discuss how the NEW Medtech Kiosk can create immediate benefit for your Practice.