Neil and Anthony join the Support Team

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We would like to welcome the newest members of our Support Team who some of you may have already had the pleasure of talking with, Application Support Consultants Neil Murphy and Anthony Catap.

Anthony Catap (left)

Anthony has been in the IT industry for 13 years, is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Professional, has varied experience in a vast range of their applications and with business IT infrastructures including in strict Banking and Finance Data Centres.

Prior to joining Medtech, Anthony spent three years as an End User Support Consultant with an international healthcare group.

Outside of helping out Medtech users, Anthony is a musician, film lover and otaku (Japanese “manga” and “anime”) enthusiast.

Neil Murphy (right)

Neil has over 16 years’ experience in Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Healthcare IT Services including with other Practice Management Software (PMS) in New Zealand.

Because of this wealth of experience, Neil understand the challenges and risks for organisations operating PMS software and has been excited to learn about the diverse capabilities of Medtech Evolution in particular.

He moved to Melbourne recently with his young family, has fully embraced the “Aussie Barbie” on weekends and is enjoying visiting new places and making new friends.

We are very happy to have Anthony and Neil on board the Medtech team and they look forward to helping you with your support queries.

If you have any support queries please contact us on or 1800 148 165.