Message from the CEO

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Thank you again for your continued support for Medtech and our products.

We really value our relationship with you and are working every day to make more enhancements based on the feedback we continue to get from you all.

Our next release 10.4.3 will include 88 software improvements suggested by you including simplifying the finance and accounting processes for correcting errors and proactive notifications for certificate expiries.

We are working on refreshing our interface for our Allied Health customers and integrating a sophisticated 3D body mapping tool which we think will excite a number of you and we can’t wait to showcase this very soon.

We are introducing a new Customer Portal we call Insight in the near future which will help you log your issues and cases online, access all the relevant details and the status of your cases as well as giving you access to a knowledge base to help quickly assist you.

There is plenty to watch out for and look forward to with Medtech over the coming weeks.

If you are attending any of the conferences over the next couple of months please also visit us as we would love to see you.

With best wishes

Vino Ramayah
CEO, Medtech Global