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Why are our new customers loving ManageMyHealth Online Appointments?

ManageMyHealth (MMH) auto-syncs with Evolution

Users now have less intervention with online appointments as MMH talks directly in each direction with Medtech Evolution.

  • Doctor’s details – If a doctor joins or leaves the clinic or changes their details, any changes made in Evolution will automatically also change in MMH.
  • Appointment types – The different configurations, durations and names for the appointment types you set up in Evolution will automatically configure and present in ManageMyHealth
  • “One-click” new patient registration – Evolution recognizes instantly whether the appointment was made by a new patient and prompts the front desk on that patient’s arrival.

ManageMyHealth auto-adjusts the timeslot based on “Reason for visit”

Patients can now choose their “Reason for Visit” and ManageMyHeatlh will choose the duration of the visit based on your parameters.

Flexible controls for Appointment Approvals

Practice Managers and Front Desk staff have more control than ever over how to approve appointments.

  • Manual – Some practices prefer to manually approve each appointment for their doctors to ensure no irregularities.
  • Auto – Others are happy they have set up the system appropriately and have all the visibility they need so the system can do this for them.
  • Mixed – Different doctors can have different levels of scrutiny required for their appointments so MMH allows you to approve some manually and some automatically depending on your needs.


Allows for double booking

Many of our customers double book in the Medtech Evolution system. MMH allows for this and again directly populates Evolution’s appointment system.

Book on someone else’s behalf

MMH allows patients to book on someone else’s behalf, like their children and also collect the person booking’s details.

Sends reminders via email and SMS

Customers can be reminded by email and SMS using Evolution and MMH.

Better doctor profiles to showcase credentials

Doctors can now showcase more of their credentials and specialisations in MMH

1 minute set up and onboarding

Now as all of your practice’s information syncs directly between MMH and Evolution you just click a button to start the set-up, check it and you’re done!

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