ManageMyHealth New Web Portal and Mobile Apps

One of the major benefits of migrating to Medtech Evolution is the ability to utilise the latest version of ManageMyHealth, which contains lots of useful enhancements that can improve your practice efficiency and provide better patient care.

ManageMyHealth contains useful enhancements that can improve your practice efficiency and provide better patient care, such as:

Medication Reminders – allow providers to set reminders for patients at specific day and time for each current or long term medication, and keep track of whether the patients have been taking their medications on time or skipping them.

Patient Dashboard – allow providers to conduct real-time or periodic monitoring for aged care patients or patients discharged from hospital, through integration with many Bluetooth enabled medical devices.

Telehealth Consultation – allow providers to consult patients remotely without having to travel long distances, including new technologies such as digital stethoscope‎ for real-time diagnosis, and real-time measurements such as ECG and Pulse Oximetry.

Many more exciting ManageMyHealth enhancements are on the way in early 2017, and therefore more the reason for your practice to migrate to Medtech Evolution in order to take advantage of the capabilities to better manage and service your customers, such as:

Android and iOS mobile apps – allow Patients to access their health summary, receive medication reminders, synchronise personal well-being data from Fitbit and iHealth devices, and keep in touch with your practice with built-in secure messaging.

Work Health web portal – allow employers or insurers to request services online such as pre-employments and annual health checks, patients to fill-in pre-assessment forms online before arrival, and generate reports back to the referrers electronically.

Team Care Arrangement web portal – allow providers to facilitate team care by inviting other providers or carers to participate in managing specific goals and tasks required for the care plan, without the need for other providers or carers to have Medtech Evolution installed.

If you would like to see a demo of the latest ManageMyHealth web portal and mobile apps, please contact us on 1300 362 333 or to arrange a time at your convenience.  We can provide you with a competitive quote to migrate from your existing clinical package or paper-based records to Rx Medical Clinical Link with Medtech Evolution plus ManageMyHealth.