ManageMyHealth (MMH) Telehealth & Remote Monitoring

We are excited about the re-launch of ManageMyHealth (MMH) online portal. MMH has has merged several technologies together enabling it to be used as online Telehealth platform. It has proven to be popular in many sectors including the Healthcare Homes Initiative, Aged Care, Rural & Community Care, Nutrition & Wellness, Fitness & Sports, as well Allied and Acute rehabilitation programs for Chronic Heart and Disease Management.
MMH is a comprehensive an online platform that has a built-in:

  1. Patient portal – a safe and secure way to improve the integration and coordination of care for patients who are centred around self-care, wellness, medical home and neighbourhood care models.
  2. Provider portal – Clinicians can access their own appointment and Patient’s health records online or via mobile devices
  3. Telehealth – MHH platform integrates a wide range of medical devices, Video and medication management to enable Teleconsulting
  4. Care coordination – a complete Chronic Disease Management platform to enable Health Care Homes


The ManageMyHealth platform simplifies the patient engagement by prompting all relevant players via their computer or mobile devices as required throughout the process.

It uses state of the art technology coupling secure electronic patient record systems with secure video and audio communication, allowing patients to engage electronically with their health care providers to support positive lifestyle changes.

It can be used on a variety of devices and communicates securely with patients, using Extended Validation SSL certification 128-bit encryption, via SMS, email, voice message, alarms and reminders, enabling health providers to share data with other health providers for after hours, emergency and allied health situations.

The unique feature of ManageMyHealth is that the data collection from the health indicator devices, is entirely ‘touchless’ and automatic. This works extremely well with frail or community dwelling people, as well as patients who may not be tech-savvy.

Care providers can then interact and consult through the ManageMyHealth portal allowing access and updates to the patient’s Electronic Medical Records. Medical devices are paired with the ManageMyHealth app (BP, BS, Pulse-Oximeter, Spirometer, ECG and more).

Patient data is stored securely on a portal hosted in Australia .
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