ManageMyHealth Appointment Enhancements

Medtech is pleased to inform you that the new and enhanced version of ManageMyHealth secure online portal is now available for Medtech Evolution users on Version 10.4.0.
Your practice will benefit from several enhancements by the efficiency gained in reducing the number of phone calls to complete the booking of both existing and new patients.

Appointment Enhancements:

Booking Appointment from your Practice Website
Just by placing a “Book Appointment” button in several strategic pages on your practice’s website, you can attract new patients. What is more, with one click practice, your admin staff can register new patients in Evolution using the information provided by the patient during online booking.

Reduce no-shows using Appointment Reminders
ManageMyHealth sends SMS/email confirmation to the patients for booked Appointments thus reducing no-shows.

Faster synchronisation
ManageMyHealth will now immediately reflect the modified slot duration done on Evolution.

Managing Online booking
Appointment Schedules can now be marked for Online Booking in the Appointment Template by checking “Online” checkbox. Only marked schedules will be displayed for Online Booking to patients.

Simplified Staff registration for Online Booking
Staff registration on Evolution has been simplified such that only those Doctors who are interested in online appointment feature need not be registered on ManageMyHealth. However, all users who want to use the rich features of ManageMyHealth still need to go through the Registration purpose for security reasons

Reception Inbox
Reception Inbox will now only display upcoming and current day appointments.

Make your Doctors more visible
Patients can now search doctors by speciality while making the booking. Note that this speciality is obtained from Evolution. So it is important that you set-up the doctors properly with the right speciality.
And finally some of the issues previously reported by our customers have been fixed.