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Revolutionary Solutions for Healthcare Professionals


Personal & Telehealth

Freedom to Manage your Health and Wellness.



A secure personal health portal to empower individuals to take an active role in the management of their health and wellbeing.


Secondary Care

Intelligent Solutions to manage all the aspects of hospital operations


Medtech Kiosk

Efficient Patient Registration and Queue Management System at Hospitals
Medtech Kiosk is designed to reduce administration and screening times in practices and empower patients. It can be used for quick registration of patients and issue tokens with unique identification number which will help in reducing the time for registration process as well as waiting time at hospitals.



We move the data, not the patient.
Medtech Telehealth provides comprehensive remote monitoring/consultation services to hospitals by connecting patients with the specialists for diagnosis and treatment. The advantage of Medtech Telehealth is sharing the real-time clinical data along with audio/video consultation, hence it reduces cost, time, and travel significantly. It can be used for home healthcare for monitoring the patients and helping the hospitals in terms of reducing re-admissions.


Complimentary Solutions

Range of solutions to enhance the delivery of care.


Medtech Digitize

Medtech creates an effective and efficient medical record scanning and indexing program for healthcare institutions.


Medtech Kiosk

Empower your patients with Medtech Kiosk while reducing administration, errors and screening times.