ECLIPSE Test Drive – Are You Ready?

Electronic Claim Lodgement and Information Processing Service Environment (ECLIPSE) is an extension of Medicare Online.  It facilitates In-Patient Medical Claims (IMC) in one transaction between Provider, Medicare, and Health Fund.  ECLIPSE can be used for both paid and unpaid claims and supports Agreements (IMC AG), Schemes (IMC SC), and Patient Claims (IMC PC).

Key Benefits of using ECLIPSE:

  • Quicker processing times – reduction from weeks to days
  • Single claiming system – paperless interaction with Medicare and all Health Funds
  • Single point of contact for resolutions – no need to chase up individual Health Funds
  • Reduced administrative costs – less staff time, no transaction costs, and say goodbye to postage stamps
  • Easier way to obtain Informed Financial Consent (IFC) from patients

Are you interested in using ECLIPSE?

We are currently looking for additional practices to assess the ECLIPSE solution in order to expedite the release of Rx Medical Version 7.0.  We have established a cloud environment for practices to test drive ECLIPSE without having to setup your own test system or upgrade your own live system.  Once satisfied with the test drive, through mutual consultation, a beta trial will be offered in which we will provide the required assistance during upgrade and evaluation.

To register your interest, please contact us on 1300 362 333 or email to