Cloud: What is all the fuss about?

Lately you can’t go anywhere without hearing about how everyone is moving into the Cloud, but really, what is all the fuss about?

Access anytime and anywhere

In “The Cloud” you can access your PMS anytime, anywhere and from any device.

End reliance on physical server infrastructure and support

Cloud based Practice Management Systems not only remove the capital and maintenance costs associated with keeping your servers in working order but the added advantage with Medtech’s cloud is that all your daily back up’s, Monthly restores and updates are taken care of automatically.

Our fixed cost delivery model means you will know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month with no nasty surprises.

First point of contact for issues starts with your Cloud Support Team

Often issues being faced in with your PMS may be server related or vice versa and you may find yourself talking with your own IT Support, Medtech and possibly any third party integrators as well.
On the Cloud, your first port of call is the Cloud Support Team who will troubleshoot from the perspective of your whole system.

Enterprise level security and disaster recovery

With Medtech, your data is securely stored in an Australian data centre with 24-hour security monitoring. Continuous data back-ups ensure your data will never be compromised and always on hand should you need to access it.

Medtech Cloud systems are replicated onto an offsite platform every 15 minutes that can activate instantaneously when required. This is incredibly important in the unfortunate case of disasters.

How is Medtech’s Cloud different to the others?
Not all Cloud systems are created equal and Medtech’s team

  • Processing is on the server not your computer – With Medtech Cloud’s hosted cloud solution, our servers do all of the heavy lifting so your computer doesn’t have to.
  • Maintain your unique product customizations and business differentiators even on the cloud –Medtech’s server hosted cloud system, acts the same as your own personal server which allows you to work the way you want, not the way you are told.
  • Total Clinic solution – We know you are likely to be hosting other programs on your server such as Microsoft Exchange, MYOB, Xero etc. Medtech Cloud can host your other applications on the same remote server so you can take your whole clinic into the Medtech Cloud.

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