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Professional Training Services

Enhance user efficiency and unlock
the full potential of our products

Medtech Global will get you started with our products right away. We will train your staff to use our products in only a few days, and will be responsible to achieve user efficiency when your system is implemented for your practice.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Medtech Global has a comprehensive range of training services. A dedicated team of consultants is available to provide customised training services to cater to your needs. They bring to the training an insider’s understanding of the pressures and unique requirements of medical practice. Manuals are made available during training as the user’s learning resources.

Medtech Evolution Training

Ensure your practice is ready to capitalise on the latest functionality and improvements in Medtech Evolution.


Our specific Training packages have been tailored to meet the requirements of the customers workflow.


Medtech Evolution Training Options Guide
Click above to view the Medtech Evolution Training Options Guide (PDF).


Book training for your practice today!

Medtech Master E-Learning

Medtech Master is an online training environment for fast, effective, and convenient learning of Medtech Products.