APA says Medtech Evolution & ManageMyHealth tick the most boxes for Physiotherapists

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According to the Australian Physiotherapists Association (APA), the combination of Medtech Evolution for Physiotherapists and ManageMyHealth ticked more boxes than any other provider in their feature comparison of what is important in a Practice Management Software (PMS).

In the comparative data of their comprehensive Practice Management Software Insight 2018 document Medtech Evolution and ManageMyHealth achieved 36 out of the 37 features desired by Physiotherapists with the closest out of the other 14 companies compared achieving only 30 criteria.

The report highlights the importance of ‘interoperability’ and secure messaging in keeping Physiotherapists connected with the larger health ecosystem.

Their research showed Telehealth video communications with clients and professional colleagues is increasing and a secure and reliable system like ManageMyHealth which securely enables this is not widely offered by other providers.

The report also highlighted how only 29% of provider respondents had HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) enabled capability for data sharing which puts client and practice information in significant risk.

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Medtech Evolution for Physiotherapists offers tailored SOAP clinical consultation screens, 3D body mapping and drawing tools, quick, convenient administration and customisable workflows and screen configurations.

With the ManageMyHealth patient portal integration there are online appointments, Telehealth video consultations, remote monitoring, paperless health risk assessments, interactive care plans and secure record sharing.

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