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Professional Telehealth Solution

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VitelMed is a professional telehealth solution providing quality remote monitoring in emergencies and rehabilitation of critical and chronically ill patients.

Based on established technology utilised throughout the world, VitelMed combines video, clinical data, and work flow information with remote connectivity between doctor, caregivers, and patient to both reduce the medical administration/care cycle and improve the effectiveness of emergency response care.

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Easy to use

Easy for clinicians and patients to use, with simple video call connecting to the patient or care provider.

Video and audio

Offers superior broadband-based video and audio, with high quality simultaneous two-way audio communication.


Allows third party multi-conferencing with concerned relatives or doctors abroad, and specialist consultants can connect to a consult via the internet.

Vital Information

Provides vital information to the care provider, connecting to a wide range of medical monitoring devices to allow remote measurement, and display important instructions on the patient's screen.

Improves quality of care

Improves the quality of care by providing a more personal, individual, and familiar service, reducing patient anxiety levels with the security of their health care provider being available at the touch of a button, and the comfort of rehabilitating in their own home environment.

Reduces costs

Reduces care provider costs as it can be simultaneously shared between more than one patient on site, and reduces hospital readmissions due to improved patient compliance.