Tips and Tricks

Demographic Labels

  1. Go to Reporting menu è Patient è Labels
  2. Click one of the Demographic Label options. The options available are: 
  3. Click Print button. The selected Demographic Label will be displayed

For Example: The “Demographic” labels option for Usual Practitioner Name Details produces the following label:

The body of the label contains the Patients information. The label footer contains one of the following:

  • Referring Doctor Details or
  • Usual Practitioner Name or
  • Practice Name or
  • Insurance Claim Details
  • Referrer Name

Address Labels

Produce an address label for any of the following:

  • Patient or
  • Debtor or
  • Referring Doctor or
  • Referrer

Further, user can select:

  • A single Entity (i.e. Patient, Debtor, Referring Doctor or Referrer) or
  • An Entity ranges. For example, From: “Abbott” To: “Sharp”

Printing Address Labels

  1. Select the label type:
    • Single Sheet
    • Continuous (large/small)
  2. Click either one radio button against the Address Label to print (Patient, Debtor, Referring Doctor or Referrer)
  3. Click the From: selection button (…) to Find the first Entity in the range
  4. Click the To: selection button (…) to Find the last Entity in the range
  5. Enter the number of copies to print.
  6. Enter the label Starting position. This option will enable only for Single Sheet Label Type.
  7. Select Address Labels or Envelopes from the drop down list.
  8. Click Print to print the report.
  9. Click Cancel after completed printing all labels.


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