Tips and Tricks

My Health Record Status – Gain Emergency Access

A new menu option ‘Gain Emergency Access’ has been introduced under My Health Record to obtain emergency access for the patient’s eHealth records with an access code.

Clicking ‘Gain Emergency Access’ will product the pop up below ‘Emergency Access’ screen.
Tick the ‘Please confirm that you wish to continue’ check box to enable the ‘Ok’ button.

Click the ‘Ok’ button in the Emergency Access screen to the emergency access for the patient.
In addition to the existing MHR status, a new status ‘Emergency’ has been introduced in the palette. After enabling the emergency access for a patient, the ‘MHR’ label in the palette will display in a ‘Blue’ background indicating the patient eHealth record has been accessed for an emergency purpose.

Once the emergency access has been obtained, the provider will be able to access all eHealth records for the patient.

Colour coding in Download eHealth document

Colour coding has been introduced in Download eHealth document window to differentiate the documents based on the status. The following colour has introduced in Download eHealth document window,

Red – All the deleted and superseded documents will be displayed in Red colour

Orange – All the documents which are downloaded and saved in the Patient Outbox will be displayed in an Orange colour

Purple – All the documents which are viewed by the login provider will be displayed in Purple colour

Green – All the new documents will be shown in Green (See – New Document Settings for new document configuration) or Click the ‘More Information’ icon more details

Black – All the remaining documents will be displayed in the Black colour

New Column for Medication Status

A new column ‘Medication Status’ has been introduced in patient medication screen to display the status of the Medication.

Prescribed – A new medicine has been prescribed. All the newly prescribed medication will be display as ‘Prescribed

Changed – The medicine item has changed. If you modify the dosage, Units, Frequency, Instructions or Directions for a drug, the status will be updated as ‘Changed’

Unchanged – No change has been made to the status of this medicine item. During the Medication review, users can select this status if there is no change needed for the medicine.

Cancelled – The prescription for this medicine item was cancelled by an authorised health care provider. All the inactivated statuses will be changed to a ‘Cancelled’ status

Ceased – Administration of this medication item that the patient is currently taking is stopped or recommended to be stopped i.e. instructed to be ceased by a health care provider

Suspended – Administration of this medication item that the patient is currently taking is:

  • On hold, or
  • Instructed or recommended by a health care provider to be temporarily stopped or
  • Subject to clinical review (i.e. the stop may be temporary or permanent depending on the outcome of clinical review) or
  • Temporarily suspended as a pre-requisite to certain surgical or diagnostic procedures