No impact on NZePS and ManageMyHealth

Further to our notification regarding the security issue with the Medtech NES module, practices and PHO’s have sought confirmation from Medtech that the issue highlighted does not impact other services such as the NZePS Service or other totally independent services such as ManageMyHealth™.

Please see the information below to confirm there is no impact on NZePS or ManageMyHealth.


Medtech wishes to confirm that the NZePS Module in Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution are totally independent of the NES Feature in the PMS.

It should be noted the server components of the NZePS solution is hosted in a totally different Data Centre to that of the NES service. There is no relationship whatsoever between these two very independent services.


Medtech can also confirm the ManageMyHealth platform and all related servers are hosted in a totally separate environment and infrastructure to that of NES. There is no relationship whatsoever between these two very independent products.

Confusion regarding the Medtech NES Hub

It is very important to highlight that the reference to the “Hub” in the context of NES should in no way be confused with various “Hub” references in other totally independent products and services like NZePS and ManageMyHealth.

In the context of NES, the reference to the “Hub” solely relates to the NES Web Application developed as a common NES component to support Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution PMS products. This NES web application is what is commonly referred to as a “Hub”.
Should you have any specific questions regarding the above communication, please direct these to