Medtech Evolution Hospital Management

Intelligent Hospital Information System
to manage all the aspects of hospital operations.

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Hospital Information System

Evolution HIS is a robust and reliable platform to future proof your hospital growth. It is a holistic systems to manage patient, clinical, ancillary and financial information to improve productivity and reduce errors.

Electronic Medical Record

Electronic Medical Record accelerates access to complete information about the patient.

Patient Registration module

Makes registration simple and improves the service level at the first stage of the patient encounter.

Laboratory Information System

Automates the clinical and management processes of a laboratory.

ADT & Bed Management

This module controls all the functions related to patient admission pre booking, additional bed management, ward transfer and discharge.

Theatre Management

Module provides information on Operation Schedules, Anaesthetist, Surgeons and Surgical Medical Stock information.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management system oversees the data related to procurement of materials, stocks maintenance, distribution, reorders.

Pharmacy Information system

It is a highly flexible solution designed to streamline and automate the daily workflows of pharmacists and pharmacy.

Insurance Management

The insurance processing module is designed to handle various types of insurance services and deliver insurance cover for patients.

Radiology Information System

Streamlines workflow in all the Imaging Departments.