MT Evolution

Medtech Evolution

A fully featured, integrated Practice Management System

Make the switch to time-efficient Medtech Evolution today

Easily customise Evolution to the needs of your practice

Medtech Evolution has been carefully designed and engineered to be adaptive and fit your preferred clinical workflow – allowing you to work just the way you want to.

Less clicks, less work
General consultations and prescriptions are faster in Evolution. Plus, the built-in Practice Analytics, Task Management and Quick Bill functions gets the whole team through the work quickly.

Access anywhere, anytime
Built-in brief-casing lets you access to your records when you’re out of the office and easily syncs once you’re back, with the ManageMyHealth option giving you real time access, anywhere, anytime.

Customisable workflows
Medtech Evolution can be readily set up to suit your way of working with customised workflows. The simple-to-use Query Builder gives you the reports you need quickly.

Connected practices
Medtech Evolution’s advanced functionality empowers administrators by providing a consolidated view of clinical and financial data across multiple practice sites.

Fast and easy communication
Communicate within the practice without picking up the phone. Medtech Evolution has configurable alerts and built-in instant messaging for greater efficiency.

Save IT time and costs
Medtech Evolution allows for server-based updates, saving on IT support time and cost. There’s no need to install updates and patches on each and every desktop.

Security & Compliance
Fully Compliant with all Australian Standards. All our products have passed security standards HIPAA, ADHA, ISO9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ePIP compliant and a member of the MSIA

Regulatory Integration
Medtech Evolution is integrated with MIMS formulary and ADHA Secure Messaging (SMD). It also supports practices with AGPAL and GPA accreditation. Medtech is a ADHA eHealth Compliant Vendor and a clinical systems vendor in ADHA’s Clinical Usability Program (CUP)

Integrated Time Saving Modules

SMS Messaging
Appointment and recall reminders via Medtech’s SMS module.

Automated Patient Check-in
Patients can check-in with a range of Medtech’s innovative solutions

Simplified billing is available through the ECLIPSE module.

Online Appointment Bookings
The ManageMyHealth portal supports appointment bookings and much more.

Integrated TYRO & ECLIPSE
Simplified billing is available through the TYRO & ECLIPSE modules.

Make the switch to Medtech Evolution today

Medtech makes the transition easy for you. During implementation and training, Medtech hold your hand through the entire process. We train your staff to use our products your way in only a few days, and provide ongoing E-Learning services with access to pre-recorded and live webinars.

Medtech will work with you to create a well thought-out change plan. We will then help every step of the way to ensure the smooth deployment and execution that plan so that you can stay focused on your day to day operations. The path to switching to Medtech Evolution is as simple as 1-2-3.

Simply bring together all your stakeholders who are ready to make the switch to Medtech Evolution and then contact Medtech

Medtech will assist you with a full site audit to capture everyone’s needs and assess what’s required to successfully switch to Medtech Evolution.

A Medtech consultant will provide you with a detailed plan as to how we would switch your clinical system to Medtech Evolution

One of the most time efficient clinical and practice management systems

General Practitioners and Practice Managers are under ever increasing time pressure throughout each day to serve more patients with better care. Medtech Evolution is one of the most time efficient, fully integrated clinical and practice management systems available today.

This newly designed software improves clinical workflows and practice efficiency, saving time while achieving better outcomes. Medtech Evolution is easily customised to fit around your preferred clinical workflow – adapting to the way you want to work, not the other way around.